Conversations with Louise – Volume 2

Well, it get funnier as she gets older:

Conversation #11:

*Louise and I watching a video on FB*

Louise: sino yan?
Me: sister niya yan. Kapatid niya. Ikaw ano gusto mo sister o brother?
Louise: Dog gusto ko.

Conversation #12:

Me: Padaan ako Louise. Excuse me. Excusez moi.
Louise: Excusez moi.
Me: That’s “excuse me” in French.
Louise: anong moi?
Me: “Me”
Louise: Me hao ma?

Conversation #13:

*We were walking around the pool area of the hotel*

Louise: 3 feet, 3 feet, dun 4 feet. Daddy, bakit puro 3 feet or 4 feet?
Me: Kasi hindi naman pambata yan.
Louise: Gusto ko diyan.
Me: Hindi ka naman puwede diyan, pang-big na yan…tsaka wala kang salbabida. Tingnan natin yung pambata kung may nakalagay.
Louise: Ayun! 2 Feet!!!
Me: Puwede ka ba diyan?!
Louise: Opo! Tingnan mo…*slowly bends and points to her feet*…1 feet, 2 feet. 2 feet din ako daddy, puwede ako diyan!

I love it when she gives answers only kids will ever think of. Conversations with this cutie always makes me feel young!

Conversation #14:

Her dream milestones in life:

Louise: Daddy kapag 5 na ako puwede na ako magskating.
Me: eh kapag 4 ka?
Louise: Kapag 4 na ako kaya ko na magtumbling!

In a separate conversation while playing make believe swimming on the floor:

Louise: Kapag 10 na ako daddy, puwede na ako magoggles tapos ilulubog ko na yung ulo ko sa water.
Me: Bakit 10 pa? Wait, kapag 20 ka na, anong gusto mo gawin?
Louise: Kapag 20 na ako? Magtinda ng bread! Parang yung Breadwinners (referring to a Nickolodeon show)!

As your parents, we support your dreams anak!

Conversation #15: One of my favorites…

This is how Louise works her charm (as narrated by her teacher in school):

*While having her exam*

Louise to teacher: Teacher, ikaw na lang ang magcolor.. sasabihin ko na lang sa iyo alin dapat i-color ng red or ng yellow..kasi pagod na hands ko.

Guess who did the coloring after…*wink*

Sabi nga nila…kapag kaya ng iba, pagawa mo sa kanila. Such a cutie, her charm is irresistible!

Conversation #16:

Me: Pakiss!
Louise: ikaw ‘X’ *raising her finger and doing the ‘X’ sign in the air towards my direction*
Me: kapag si daddy dapat check!
Louise: pag-boy kiss sa girl ‘X’ kapag girl and girl o boy and boy lang pwede…si mommy kiss si lola, si daddy, kiss si lolo.

At least mukhang conservative si Louise.

Conversation #17: Another favorite…

Louise: Kunwari wala na kayong damit! Wala na kayong underwear.

Me: Ako wala ring damit?

Louise: Yes! *while pointing at Joyce* Mommy kita pipi!

Me: Ako anong kita sa akin?

Louise: Kita buntot!

Conversation #18: The Trash Talk

*Playing Name That Tune*

It’s Louise vs. Joyce

Me: *Humming one of the songs she knows*
Louise: song ko yan! Never Never Give Up!
Me: Correct! The score is Louise 6, mommy 3!
Louise: Hindi ka na naka-alis sa 3 mommy!

Hahaha! Wala ka pala mommy eh!

Conversation #19:

*Louise watching a youtube video*

Lady on the music video: Ten Little Dinosaurs

*song starts*

Me: ang daming dinosaurs!
Louise: 10 nga daddy! Madami talaga yung 10!

Oo nga naman! Papacute lang naman ako…di umubra.

Conversation #20: Ending this set with the most likes in Facebook…

Louise: *pointing at my armpit* Daddy, dapat putulin mo yung hair mo diyan tapos ilipat mo sa ulo mo…*points to my hair*

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