To My 2 Moms

Mothers are the best! If you think you have the toughest job in the world, think again. Try to be a mother. This is why I’m glad I have two moms in my life!

To my mom, thank you for loving us unconditionally, for being there when we need someone and for the care that you’ve given us since our childhood years until now. Thank you for listening and always understanding. Unknown to you, but you are inspiring! You inspire me to become a better dad, to be a better person.


And to my other mom, thank you for the patience, support and love. You inspire me to be responsible and committed. You have been a great mom to Louise – nurturing her, teaching her, disciplining her and just loving her. You are a strong, powerful and inspiring woman.


Happy Mother’s Day to the 2 best moms in my life! I love you!


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