Conversations with Louise – Volume 1

Conversations with Louise has always been fun. She’s very candid, honest (sometimes brutal), witty and quite funny really. A lot of my friends have told me not to stop posting these conversations as it brightens up their day from time to time. So here it is, a compilation of conversations with Louise – Volume 1. We are looking forward to more fun, and meaningful talks with Louise as she grows older. Enjoy this one!

Conversation #1:

Me to Louise: Pakiss ako!

Louise: Ayaw! Baka (ma)ging frog!

Conversation #2:

While watching Dora…
Louise: sino ‘yan?
Joyce: that’s a knight!
Louise: Good night!

Conversation #3:

Me: Ganda ba si Louise?
Louise: ganda Louise! Gwapo Louise!
Me: hindi ka naman gwapo, pangboy lang yung gwapo.
Louise: pagbig na Louise boy na!

Conversation #4:

While walking around the house:

Louise: Are you ok daddy?
Me: No.
Louise: *kisses my left hand*
Louise: Are you ok daddy?
Me: No.
Louise: kabila naman *kisses my right hand*

Super sweet!

Conversation #5:

Me: anong pangalan ni daddy?
Louise: King Triton!
Me: si mommy anong pangalan?
Louise: killjoy

Conversation #6:

Me: cleanup mo na yung megablocs mo…
Louise: may sakit si Louise hindi pwede magligpit
Me: whoa!

Magaling na magdahilan…

Conversation #7:

Me and Louise pretending to be in the salon:

After fixing my hair..Louise hands me the mirror:

Louise: look at your face…parang ikaw na si Beast.

Conversation #8:

Talking to Louise and Joyce on the phone (They had me on speaker):

Louise: Nagccount ba yan? (referring to the call timer on the phone)
Joyce: Oo, nagccount.
Louise: Bakit?
Joyce: Kasi binibilang kung gaano katagal na natin kausap si daddy.
Louise: sasabog ba yan?


Hahahaha! Love it! Made my day!

Conversation #9:

Conversation with Louise about the time we bought a balloon:

Me: bakit ka nga bumili ng balloon?
Louise: wag ka na nga magsalita, kasama ka naman nun.

Oh man…It’s gonna be fun raising this kid!


Conversation #10:

Louise: *looking at my arm and pointing* daddy ano to, parang mole.
Me: Mole nga yan.
Louise: parang yung sa SM?
Me: huh?
Louise: D ba yung SM, “mole”?

Mole vs. Mall.


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