Are Traditional School Overrated?

Last weekend I came across this TEDx video of a kid who was being home-schooled. He seems to be having so much fun with all the activities he has been doing that is geared towards his interests. This prompted me to also watch the 2006 TED Talk of Sir Ken Robinson about education.

After watching the 2 videos, it made me wonder, is traditional schooling overrated nowadays? Which is better in this day and age?

Come to think of it, some of the exceptional people (Bill Gates, Steve Jobs) in this world never really finished their studies, yet they were able to succeed in their chosen field by just being driven by their passion.

We will soon be picking a school for Louise and though home schooling never really crossed our minds even at this point, I’m still curious on its pros and cons.

For now, I’m curious to hear parents’ take on this. Home School vs. Trad School? Where are you sending your kids?


One Comment

  1. ako buds, though I’m no parent yet, I have a bias in favor of homeschooling… my experience in seminars with Teens who were homeschooled, I found them more confident with themselves and they have a positive attitude towards learning as compared to the rest who came from traditional schools.


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