Terrible Two

As Louise turned 2 last November, I’ve been hearing a lot of warnings from friends about the ‘Terrible Two’. It’s been said that when a child turns 2, he/she becomes more difficult to deal with and it is at this time when your patience as a parent should be at its premium.

To be honest, I never really felt this is going to be a problem as I’ve got tons of patience and I love spending time with kids much more my own. I have to admit though that early this year, I noticed that Louise throws more tantrums since she turned 2. As we experience different behaviors of Louise as she grows, I realize that at this age, our creativity should be at its finest.


At 2, Louise now loves to 1) play more than ever and 2) watch TV or DVDs of Disney Princesses. We realize that incorporating play and role-playing can be good ways make her do boring chores like taking a bath, eating or even sleeping. And with these being done on a daily basis, we parents should have a lot of tricks up our sleeves for us to not even use an ounce of patience.

Patience is not the key in overcoming the ‘Terrible Two’. It is creativity that trumps the ‘Terrible Two’ myth.

Feel free to share your take on the Terrible Two, I’d love to hear your tips and tricks.


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