Fear me not! I’m Not Your Ordinary Salesman!

Three months after posting about quitting my IT job, I realized I haven’t blogged about what I pursued as my new career. Since I have a bit of free time to do some writing, I thought I’d talk more about what I do now.

Personal finance has been a topic that interests me ever since I read my first personal finance book Die Broke by Stephen Pollan years ago. Since then, I’ve frequent personal finance blogs to learn more. Last year, while being bored at work, I thought of formalizing my knowledge about personal finance planning, so I took the Registered Financial Planning Program offered by RFP Philippines.

Though I learned a lot during the course, I felt I had to immerse myself and specialize in a field to somehow make me a reputable financial planner. So late last year, I applied with Philam Life (I also explored a competing firm, but felt more comfortable with the former) and to cut this story short, I liked what I saw and what they offered so I took a leap.

Now I’m a Wealth Portfolio Manager (WPM) with Philam Life. Don’t be fooled with the seemingly impressive title, because in essence, I’m a glorified financial advisor/agent. I would tell you though that my style is different. I’d like to say that I don’t sell insurance or investment products just for the sake of making a sale. Applying what I learned in the RFP program, I create and sell a financial plan (though I don’t really charge for the actual plan), whether it’s for your children’s education, your retirement, your medical fund, etc. The insurance or investment products are mere tools in executing our plan.

Anyway, three months into the job, and I’m loving it! It has been challenging but I expected that. I love that I get to learn a lot about the industry and I get to talk about personal finance. Not only that, I also get to help a some friends get out of debt and take steps towards financial peace, a journey that I’m really excited about.

Though money may be an important factor, I feel that this job has been more meaningful not just to me, but to others as well, than sitting in front of a computer all day. To end this post, let me do a shameless plug, as our company slogan would say – “Anong plano mo? Usap tayo.”


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