WATCH: Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career by Larry Smith

Have you envisioned what a ‘great career’ for you would look like? A lot of us wants to have a great career, but I’m sure a lot (including me) don’t have a clue how it looks like. Would being a manager equate to a great career? Or maybe being promoted to CEO? What ever that may be, one thing’s certain: I don’t want to look Louise in the eyes and tell her ‘I would’ve had a great career…’ I want to look her in the eyes and tell her…’Go for it! Just like I did!’

Hopefully, the steps I took in the past couple of weeks would be the small steps for me to have a great career (definitely, not in IT). If I encounter challenges along the way, all I need to do is watch this talk to inspire me further into having that great career.

My challenge to everyone, visualize your great career and GO FOR IT, so we can all share stories on how we lived our dream (and not how depressing our work is).

Here’s Larry Smith’s inspiring and insightful talk on why he thinks we’d fail to have great careers. Enjoy!



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