32 Goals to 32!

Thirty one years! Wow! If last year was a crazy year for me, this year has been less crazy. But unlike last year, things changed in a major major way for me this year. For one, I got myself hitched for good last January, then got my wife pregnant way before the Ultimate Honeymoon trip, and anytime soon, I could be changing diapers and singing lullabies to little one (okay, I’ll probably be humming more than singing). It’s that kind of life-changing year for me.

My perspectives and views in life have changed as well. Seeing kids these days makes me ponder on what type of dad I would be rather than what goofy look I will use to get a kid’s attention. I also figured I get emotional easily now, a couple of weeks ago, I discreetly cried as we watched Real Steel simply because it was some father-son movie (and not about robots anymore for me).

Anyway, for my birthday post I thought of writing 32 goals until I reach my 32nd birthday.

1. Pay at least 20% of our housing loan before 2012 ends.

2. Move in to our condo unit before 2012 ends. Currently, our main problem is how to leave our little one when Joyce and I start working. I’m pretty sure we’ll figure out something.

3. Have hosting gigs at least once a month. I already have 1 for December of 2011, and another for February, 2012. Now I’m looking for one in January, then hopefully the trend goes on. I don’t mind having more than one a month though.

4. Diversify my investment portfolio. Okay, that sounded so professional, but I’m a novice at this. Currently, I’m paying for some life insurance and I have a small amount in mutual funds. I’m looking forward to add to that and then try investing in local stocks. I’m hoping this would serve as Little One’s college fund, unless he/she decides to follow the footsteps of successful dropouts (which isn’t a bad idea really, hahaha).

5. Add to my emergency fund. With all the expenses we have we’re trying not to dig in to our personal funds, but rather add to it.

6. Get myself into something creative, like photography. I recently bought a nice DSLR and I thought I should put that into good use. I’m planning to take the next set of classes offered by this school and then move on from there. I’m looking into food photography to start with.

7. Have an out of the country trip with my wife. I know my wife will definitely be laughing at this goal because we just have too much expenses to take care of. But heck, goals are meant to be limitless, so I’ll still hope I can work something out.

8. Domestic trip with the whole family. It would be nice to take little one someplace other than our home or our parents’ homes. Of course we’ll probably have to wait for him/her to almost turn 1 before we’d drag him/her somewhere.

9. Get an iPhone 4S/iPhone 5. I promised myself I won’t change phone anymore unless it’s an iPhone. So I hope my current phone survives until I am able to afford a new one.

10. The very elusive MacBook Pro. It’s not actually elusive, I think it’s me who’s staying away from it. This year I had the chance to buy one, but I chose the DSLR over the MacBook Pro because I don’t want to miss Little One moments. Hopefully in 2012.

11. Get back to the game! I’ve been out for like forever from the game of Ultimate. I still love the game and I’m hoping I could start getting my way back into shape and playing once again.

12. Change Little One’s diapers at least once a week until he/she’s potty trained. I’ll probably do this anyway, but I figured I’d do this even when yaya is around.

13. Gain 15-20 pounds to get to my ideal weight of 135-140 pounds. Hopefully I could hit the gym regularly and be more conscious of what I eat.

14. Show my appreciation more to my family. It’s been a while since I’ve given my parents and siblings gifts during their special days, so I hope I’d be able to do that next year. On second thought, I think this Christmas would be a nice start.

15. Once a month/week food tripping with Joyce. We used to do this a lot when we were dating – just go to different restaurants and try out what they have to offer. We haven’t done this much, so I’m hoping we can do this again on a regular basis.

16. Get myself some new clothes once a month – at least a shirt a month to reward myself. I usually shop for clothes only once a year.

17. Read 3-4 books until my next birthday. This year I’ve read two, but I feel I could do more. Besides reading is a great way for me to expand my views in life.

18. Blog 2-3 times a month. Writing is just another way I exercise my creative mind. I’m glad I am able to keep it up and I’m more happy to learn that people are reading them. Thank you!

19. Meet someone famous. Well, someone who’s at least very well known in his/her field of work and when I say meet, at least be able to introduce myself and shake hands.

20. Give to charity. My mom does this every year and I contribute my clothes when she does. I guess now’s a good time to look for my own charity to support.

21. Interview someone who inspires me. I always look for ways to learn and a lot of times I observe how successful people become successful. So I thought it would be nice to just have a chat with someone I truly admire – could be famous or could be not.

22. Get a new watch. It’s been two years I think since I got my one and only watch, I think next year’s a good year to get a new one.

23. Do standup comedy. I’ve always wanted to try it, but never had the guts to do it. I’m thinking of doing a short one in one of my hosting gigs, but I have yet to write a really good material that is somehow relevant to the event. We’ll see.

24. Update our Which Mcdonald’s is it? album on Facebook. We started last February but we couldn’t seem to update it regularly. I guess now’s a good time to revive this.

25. Spend time with my brother at least once a month. I think it’s been a while since I went out with my brother. Since he’s all grown up now, I’d like to spend more time with him as well.

26. Meet new friends. Okay this is subjective and immeasurable, but I figured I want to go out of my comfort zone to be friendlier than usual.

27. Wax my underarm hair – probably the most annoying part of my body! I fear the pain, but if I’ve had enough, I’ll eventually go through with it.

28. Cook more. Once a week maybe after moving in to our new home. Honestly, I haven’t done much cooking since I studied. So maybe from time to time I could cook for friends and family.

29. Get out of the IT-related job. The only thing that’s keeping me in this job is the money. It’s never a good sign when we just work for money. I’ve started exploring other options already like hosting and hopefully some photography. Once I finally figure out how I would earn what I’m earning in IT, I’ll leave. I’m hoping I won’t have to wait too long.

30. Organize more extra-curricular activities at work. I enjoyed my 2010 a lot because I joined the PEAK Club. I’m thinking of joining anew. It just makes my stay in the office much more meaningful and far less boring.

31. Say yes more often to dinner invites with friends. There have been tons of reasons why I’m missing out. This coming year though, I’ll find time to be present and spend more time with friends.

32. Pray daily. I haven’t been in touch with my spiritual side the past few years. Other than the weekly Sunday mass, I often don’t find time to pray and give thanks. But with so much blessings I’ve received the past few years, it’s about time that I be more grateful to Him.



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