Almost there Little One!

Wow! Eight months was fast! Joyce is now a few weeks (yes, weeks!) away from giving birth to our Little One! I’m both excited and nervous at the same time and I’m sure Joyce is too! Joyce has been experiencing some pains already which according to the doctor is normal. Unfortunately though, the doctor warned us that the pain she is experiencing at the moment will get worse as we get near the due date (Due date’s November 22, by the way, but she can deliver anytime before that date). Honestly, I’m a bit scared; I’m actually not sure if I can stand seeing my wife writhing in pain. But I’ve got to keep it together!

Anyway, many are asking us if we already know little one’s gender. Joyce had her first and only ultrasound 3 months ago, and at that time the doctor said it looks like she is a girl but she admitted that there’s 20% chance that she might be wrong. We never had another ultrasound since then. So at this point we don’t know yet! Exciting ain’t it?As for the name, Joyce said she dreamt about little one picking her name and it was Samantha. Both of us agreed that we liked Louise to be part of her name so it’s Samantha Louise. If it’s a boy, we just agreed that we might name him Gavin Jacob. I guess these seem final until we dream about something else.


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