Working on my Right Brain

A week and a half ago, I finally got bold enough to spend some hard-earned cash on the camera I’ve been wanting to buy. The idea of getting a new camera dawned upon me after I got so frustrated taking photos during our mini-honeymoon trip in Hong Kong and Macau. The main reason though I wanted an upgrade is the anticipated arrival of our Little One (whose name and gender has yet to be known). I’m really excited, especially after learning last Saturday from the doctor that I can bring the camera inside the delivery room!

Anyway, while waiting for that, I’m trying to nurture my creative side by taking snapshots of different subjects. Here are some photos I’ve taken in the past two weeks:

Does this qualify as a flower?

Food is one of my favorite subject!

I love taking candid shots of people!

I still think I’ve got tons to learn about this craft. But I think this is a good way to veer away from the daily grind of work. It’s also a great way to exercise my right brain which I feel doesn’t get much work. Besides, according to this book that I’m currently reading, it’s the right-brainers who will rule the future. Somehow, I think it’s starting to happen!


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