Confessions of a Pregnant Husband

Ok, I’m not literally pregnant and will never really be. But let me tell you what’s as difficult as carrying someone in your womb for 9 months. It is probably knowing, feeling, seeing and understanding how difficult pregnancy is and realizing how helpless I am in dealing with it.

My wife’s currently on her 7th month and as we go through this pregnancy, I’ve learned a lot of things which I would want to share:

1. Pregnancy is HARD! Yes we men don’t feel it, but at the least we should acknowledge that the change going through a woman’s body as each month passes is not easy.

2. Share everything. Knowing that you would have a child is definitely one of the most exciting feeling in the world! It is easy to share that feeling. But once your wife goes through the mental and physical agony, we men have to share that too! Oh and there will be times when she won’t be allowed to eat some of her favorite junk foods. These might be your favorite too, but I suggest layoff from it especially when you’re together. And yes there will be a lot of things we won’t be able to control or we can’t do anything about, but being able to just be there for our wife makes a whole lot of difference.

3. Make time. I think it is important that we be there when our wife visits the doctor for her regular checkup. For one, we get to understand what pregnancy is all about and more importantly, we would know how we can best support our wife.

4. Save or Earn More. The reality is, this giving birth thing is expensive. Good thing I’ve got good company benefits to somehow help us with all the expenses. Just to give one an idea, it would cost about P120K-P150K to normally deliver a baby in Makati Medical Center. And a caesarian baby would cost you about P150K-P200K. Of course, there are cheaper options depending on which hospital you would go to. We just happen to find MMC very convenient since it’s a stone’s throw away from Joyce’s office.

5. Love. Love. Love. As cheesy as it sounds going through this phase of marriage life requires love, love, and more love! Expressing this love through actions and/or words will make the process a lot easier for both of you.

6. Journey together. What makes having a baby an overwhelmingly joyful experience is the fact that the whole 9 months of pregnancy is a journey you both go through together. It is a journey filled with emotions that we overcome with our love for each other. And once we complete the journey beautiful rewards await us – a baby and a stronger family relationship.


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