Name that Little One!

In one of my daily talks with our Little One:

Me: Hey Little One, what name do you want? You want Emma?

Little One: No reaction (well, we never really expected any)

Me: How about Jessica?

Little One: *kicks*

Me and Joyce: *looks at each other surprised and excited*

Now that we’re about 4 months away, the search for Little One’s name is back on! Since we’re not yet 100% sure if our Little One is a boy/girl (From the last ultrasound, just 80% sure it could be a girl), we still have to be prepared with a list for both.

As long as the name doesn’t sound funny, that’s fine with me already. I don’t want very unique names like Gaylord or Gaga or very common names like John or Maria. According to a book I’ve read, it also isn’t smart to name our Little One after someone who’s currently famous such as Manny or Paris. I really don’t look too much on the name’s meaning, it’s not a requirement, though it would be nice to have a name with good meaning.

So far, here’s what we tagged as our favorites: Boy – Edward, Dwayne, Xavier, Gabriel, Nathan; Girl – Emma, Francesca, Ysabel, Tyra, Sydney, Sofie, Simone, Louise, Jessica. As of today, 8:45pm, frontrunner for a girl’s name is Emma Louise. For a boy, I think it’s Edward Dwayne.

Feel free to throw in your suggestions as well!


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