01.30.11 – Stillshots of Love (Wedding Onsite Slideshow)

It was really sad that I missed most of the slideshow during the wedding (my apologies to Oly Ruiz and his Metrophoto team). It was a choice between pleasing my eyes and nurturing my emotions or saving my ready-to-explode bladder. I was able to catch bits of it though, and it made me want to watch more. It didn’t help that Joyce told me how nice the pictures were when I got back from my bladder break.
Having said that, you’d probably know by now what I did as soon as I received a copy of it a couple of days ago…I watch and watched and watched. I never really grew tired of it (and probably wouldn’t many years from now). It may have been 6 months ago, but heck it still feels like yesterday. The photos are lovely, capturing emotions I never really noticed during the wedding as I was so into the moment. And the song…well, I don’t even know the title of that song until recently, but it keeps playing in my head now!

Anyways, enjoy this preview of our wedding memories! Will try and post more wedding pictures as soon as we sort out the best of the best from the 2000+ photos we got!Thanks to Oly and his team for these beautiful photos!


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