OMFG!!! I’m Gonna Be a Daddy!!!

Yes, you heard it right! Just a couple days ago, we found out that Joyce was about 5 weeks pregnant! And yes, I had the same reaction when I found out…”That fast?!” Well, as I said, these soldiers of mine seem to have been trained to be snipers, and snipers seldom miss! Somehow I was a bit surprised as well, but as it sunk in, I realize how blessed we are. Others spend almost their whole life trying to have a child, while we tried a few times and were gifted with one.
Learning about our little one gave me mixed emotions. A part of me is so excited, that until now, I feel giddy whenever the thought of having a child later this year comes to mind. I’ve always wanted a child of my own even before Joyce and I got married. So this somehow fulfills that wish (I want a couple more though). Another part of me is a bit nervous. Nervous about the hospital bills and the expenses that comes with being a parent.
Just the other night we tried to search for rates of how much a delivery of a baby costs, and it was overwhelmingly expensive (Price ranges from 80k-150k for a private room in MMC)!!! We initially considered having the baby in Lipa since it would most likely be way cheaper, but since we’re here in Manila most of the time, it might be difficult to get an OB in Lipa.
Anyway, I realized that having a baby as a gift from above far outweighs the expenses we’ll probably incur. In the end, we’ll forget about those expenses and just be thankful that we were given the opportunity to experience the joy of having a child. I guess I’ll just have to work smarter and find ways to compensate these expenses.
If 2010 was great to me, 2011, I can say will be awesome! We’re just on the first quarter and I’ve been showered with tremendous blessings already!

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