01.30.11 – Feel the Love! (Wedding SDE)

Since everyone’s in the mood for lovin’, it might be the best time to reminisce a perfect day! Fifteen days after, I’m still having a wedding hangover and I’m not complaining, especially if we have videos like this to watch over and over again. After weeks of thinking which song to use, the perfect song played on the radio at the right moment and the rest as they say is history! It was more than I could ask for from the very talented team of John de Guzman and Cinemaworks.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg, can’t wait to see the actual wedding photos and the complete set of wedding videos.
Enjoy the video guys!

*sings* Promise me, you’ll always be, happy by my side. I promise to, sing to you, when all the music dies. *sings*

Just never ceases to bring tears in my eyes! Oh and a friend of mine noticed that I’ve been sentimental since I got married. Maybe I’m senti all this time, the wedding just unleashed it! (Just like my ‘sexful’-ness)
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


  1. Hi!Thanks for dropping by the site…I don't have the pictures of the actual reception yet…I have their packages though…I can try and send them to you if you give me you email.cheers!


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