GO: Legaspi City, Albay, Bicol

Just got back from a much needed vacation in Legaspi City, Bicol. We didn’t really have much of an itinerary for this weekend getaway other than a city tour and hopes of getting a day trip to Misibis Bay. Unfortunately, we were not able to enjoy the latter since Misibis Bay was fully booked for the weekend. So we just got a whole day city tour through Hotel Venezia.
*View of Mayon Volcano from Lignon Hill

I didn’t really know much about the city other than Mayon Volcano so I didn’t expect much from the city tour. We started early with the hopes of getting a really clear view of Mayon Volcano. We went to Lignon Hill first and since no cars are allowed to go up the hill before 9am, we had to take an early morning hike to the top. The hike wasn’t really something to enjoy, but the view at the top made the trip worth it! Mayon Volcano is just majestic! The volcano can actually be seen from anywhere in Legaspi, but Lignon Hill will probably give you the best view of it. Lignon Hill also gave us a good look at the airport runway and basically an overlooking view of the city.

*View of Legaspi Airport from Lignon Hill

We also headed to the famous Cagsawa Ruins, where only the bell tower of the Cagsawa Church remains.

*Cagsawa Ruins

We were met by some kids and teens who amazed me with their photography skills as they had some really cool trick shots. The teen who guided us was more than just our photographer, he was also our tour guide as he answered our questions about the ruins and its history. He also showed us his photography skills, even taking a jumping shot of us. The amazing part was, he needed only one shot to capture this with a point and shoot camera!!!

*Jumping shot @ Cagsawa Ruins

Our driver, Joel, then took us to the town of Camalig where the Hoyop Hoyopan Cave can be found. There were a lot of rock formations inside the cave, some would require the use of one’s imagination to see what these rock formations are.

Our last stop (because we were dead tired!) was the Busay Falls in the bario of Malilipot. It was unfortunate that we weren’t able to bring any swimming attire for the tour. It would’ve been really nice to take a dip into the water!

There’s really not much to see in Legaspi, but like I said, after seeing the famous Mayon Volcano, it was definitely worth the trip. Legaspi is quiet and calm city, just the perfect place to unwind and get away from a busy city like Manila.


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